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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"What is a Genealogist?"

We sold our Camp at Yellow Banks, Selvin, IN on Sat. So, we have been busy trying to pack up everything that was in the mobile home and two sheds and some of the more "precious" outdoor ornaments (especially the gnomes). So, I took a vacation day yesterday and another today. We are exhausted. Murphy's Law has come into play, as usual, in the last two days I have gotten some extremely intriguing emails concerning three of my direct lines, but I do not have time to really examine the details. I do not have much time to put together a blog article today, so I will send you to a great blog by Brenda Jerome (TSGS Board Member) that wrote a great article "For Genealogists Only" on her Rambling Thoughts blog. Click on the title and read her witty story of just what is a genealogist.

Tidbit of genealogical trivia: if you begin with you as generation one and go back to generation ten (7th. Great Grandparents), you have a little over 1,000 ancestors. If you go back just 10 more generations to the 20th. generation (your 17th. Great Grandparents), you pick up way over ONE MILLION more ancestors!

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