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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brief Genealogical Notes

There are a lot of Internet sites, email lists, bulletin boards, etc. that genealogists of similair interests or of the same family (some of these may be interest in the same location... such as a county or region of a state). There are an increasing number of new Internet social interacting networks... I think twitter.com may be the newest. Add to this FaceBook.com, MyFamily.com, Genealogy.com, RootsWeb.com and MySpace.com and you have a variety of great ways to communicate & interact with large groups of people with the same or similar interests... these can be used for groups of genealogists to better communicate and aid in their research efforts.

Best of all most of these are free to use (MyFamily.com now has a small annual fee for the site owner - only) & you can start up your own site! Check out some of these networking ideas & see if it may benefit you & your friends/family... especially with your genealogical research.

Submitted by JGWest

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