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Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Submitters Needed for TSGS Cruiser Blog"

I have nothing for today, except to take this opportunity to ask TSGS Members, Genealogists, Visitors, Friends & Family to submit articles for the blog. I could put up a great & neat tombstone up for today, but I would rather not make the blog just a tombstone photo blog. I will have a super cool tombstone for this week's "Thursday Tombstone" feature submitted by Peggy Gilkey! I continue to get some very good material from Brenda Jerome & Don Counts. Chris Myers sends items & is a great commenter for articles. I do get an occasional contribution from several other people from time to time... that I am very grateful. However, at this time the only thing in my "Blog Items to Publish" is Peggy's interesting tombstone photo. I have one or two ideas in my mind, but will take time to develop.

"The First Mate's - Photo Album" is not a big problem with the hundreds of hundreds of photos I have taken over just the last 10 years not counting the collections of family members over the last 50 years or so. I have quite a few photos for "Monument Monday" as well. I can not stress more that I do not want the Tri-State Genealogical Society TSGS Cruiser Blog to be just my contributions... I envision this as a site for many, many genealogical/historical contributors from all walks of life with a wide diversity of experiences.

I had hoped, that as genealogists, most visitors would want to share an interesting, humorous or unusual brief story of their genealogical research journey. Interesting short stories about family members (past & present). [Wow, this gives me ideas to use... if you do not want to hear about my family only - you need to send in your stories!] I have the "Escape to the Texas Territory" - "The Young Ohio Co., KY Bear Killer" - "The Indian Massacre Saga" - "My Grandpa Long" - "The 'Last-Minute' Feast" - please send in your stories!

People complain that the Internet is short on using good sound genealogical research techniques; well, lets change that, submit articles or facts that we all need to learn to improve our family histories and help us research more efficiently with a higher standard of validity.

Lastly, if you have something that makes our research efforts more fun... send me some genealogical humor (jokes, stories, photos).

Submit anything you think might be good to publish on this blog. I might have to edit what you send to make it more appropriate or be of reasonable length, but I will let you decide if the edit is OK with you before I publish it. Help me make this a nice forum for TSGS members with plenty of submissions by a large spectrum of individuals. Send contributions to: jgw.mylines@gmail.com or click on the submission links found on the right column.

John G. West, Blog Master

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