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Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Good Time & Learning for All at Workshop"

Ron Darrah presented his workshop on "Obscure Genealogical Sources" inside Willard Library while several organizations & book vendors were under tents outside in the library's park.

Photo above taken by Lyn Martin right at the end of the four programs conducted by Ron Darrah far left. Going from Ron to the right is Bob Johnson (longtime TSGS member), Vannetta McDowell (Willard Staff Member, past TSGS Board Member), Graham Denby Morey (TSGS Member) and John G. West (TSGS President). I learned from this program that the 1930 US Federal Census includes two questions to help identify veterans... this I was not aware of. We all learned a lot more that may be available through school records. Graham & I attended Evansville College (U of E) together and are both members of the Ohio Valley Chapter of the Indiana Society Sons of the American Revolution (INSSAR). Ron is a member of INSSAR, as well.

This photo was taken by Don Pierce, just before I packed up the TSGS books to go back in the library's TSGS closet. This was the first time for me to set-up and man the TSGS table... I can honestly say that I now appreciate the work so many others have done in the past events working the TSGS table! Thanks to all of them! We did sell two books and got two membership renewals. The Posey County Historical Society (PCHS) members can be seen in the background taking down their information booth. Many working it were also active TSGS members. As a fund raiser for their cemetery preservation project, they were selling chocolate suckers (bars on a stick) that were in the shape of tombstones. They used Halloween candy molds to make them... really neat!
Several other vendors were present: Pat Gooldy of Ye Olde Genealogie Shoppe (one of the Evansville area all-time favorites) came all the way from Indianapolis and Brenda Joyce Jerome (TSGS Secretary) had a table of her publications with two or three other vendors there as well. Brenda watched the TSGS table while I was inside learning new things in the workshop.
It was a chilly, breezy, overcast day and we had a few light mists of rain... mixed with some sunny periods, too. Nice day for vendors outdoors (as long as you had a light jacket or sweater)!
Lyn Martin, Peggy Newton, Vannetta McDowell and several other Willard staff members did a great job of organizing and keeping this workshop going for Willard's first free all-day genealogical workshop. Congratulations and a big thank-you for a successful event. After 50 years of researching... I still learned a lot from this one day. Thanks to Ron Darrah for a very well conducted workshop. Many of us know him through the Indiana Society of SAR and others through his involvement in the Indiana Genealogical Society (IGS).

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