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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Photo Contest - Frog Follies 2009


2009 Frog Follies Photo Contest
Vanderburgh County 4-H Center
Evansville, Indiana

Click on samples below to see the full size image. The contest is just for fun and to preserve one of the Evansville area's largest events... some 5,000 vehicles will be on display this weekend - all must be 1949 or older. The cars have come to Evansville over the last 35 years and is like an invasion... they are everywhere! You can go to the 4-H Center or just roam a little around town or out in the rural areas, too. At least two were at The Hornet's Nest in Earle, IN.

RULES for contest: First, there is no monetary award, just the honor of having your photo and name on this blog and preserving a little history. I will select at least six photos to display on "The First Mate's Photo Album" feature on Wed. 02 Sep 2009 of the TSGS Cruiser Blog. Other photos may be displayed between then & now, but may or may not be the final "winners." The photos may come from previous years, but must be from the Frog Follies (please include year). The photos may be of anything connected with the Frog Follies: cars, people, signs, etc. All of the vehicles are winners, so you need to find a neat way to present one or more of them or catch something that makes your photo stand out a little more than the other great photos. Send as many entries as you wish, but only 3 at a time, to John G. West jgw.mylines@gmail.com You can send me an url to where you may have a photo album that I can pick from and save. Before I will post any photos, I must have the permission of the photographer to post them on the TSGS Cruiser Blog. If you want to have a copyright for the photo, please state that and it will be included. Include any comment or explanation if desired, your name, where from, if you know the year and make of vehicle, what year photo was taken if other than 2009. Thanks for helping us have some fun and preserve a little history... Good Luck to all!

The following are photos taken by Linda L. Young-Niemeier of Evansville. Click on the photos to enlarge!

- All photos taken by Linda L. Young-Niemeier

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