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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Last of 2009 Frog Follies Pics"


Last of 2009 Frog Follies TSGS Cruiser Blog Photo Contest Winners...

I can not seem to get away from pics of these cool cars, you might surmise that I am a fan. But, I can not help it, I like old things... that is why I am a genealogist. I love antiques, old buildings, old cars, "Oldies, but Goodies" music. Worse, yet, I collect rocks & fossils. So, please forgive me for selecting a few more neat street rod photos from Eric Cake. I met Eric at an Ohio Valley SAR Chapter last year when he was running for a political office. He is interested in community service, politics, government & history... oh, and the Frog Follies and his son, Chance! - JGWest

Best Infant Driving a Street Rod: goes to Eric Cake.

Here is a view of the car... nice flames, too!

Best Pose by a Father & Son! goes to Eric Cake

Best Commercial Truck: goes to Eric Cake.

Just realized that Eric did not take these photos... Eric let us know who to give photo credits for these great pictures.

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