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Friday, September 18, 2009

"A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words!"


They say (you know who "they" are)... "That a photo is worth a thousand words!" or is it?

Here is a photo of Ruth Hall (with the purple Colonial dress and her back is to the camera) giving a speech before a large crowd at Central High School. The event was the Junior ROTC Awards night and our Ohio Valley SAR Chapter was to present an award to a deserving cadet... DAR does the same along with each of the branches of the military and other groups. In this "standing room" only crowd, you can see the interest everyone has in Ruth's speech.

This photo is a fooler... Ruth is not giving a speech - she is taking a photo of some of us that came to present the award after the meal. Those standing were in line to get food! So, a photo may be worth a thousand words, that is, if you know what the photo represents. If we put a caption to this picture as: "Ruth Hall addresses large crowd at CHS JROTC Awards Banquet" - you would think that she actually did address this big group back in 2006!

- Photo taken by Chris Myers

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