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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Life Magazine Online - FREE!"


This was submitted to the MyFamily.com sites for Hart & Grayson Counties Kentucky Genealogy Interest Groups by Sandra Kay O'Banion - Sep 28, 2009:

A cousin from Illinois sent me a link to view Life Magazine online.
It covers issues from 1935 thru 1970. Best part is that it is FREE. http://books.google.com/books?id=N0EEAAAAMBAJ&source=gbs_navlinks_s#all_issues_anchor


This may not be genealogy, but it is a media form of some great history. I just read thru an interesting article about Johnny Carson. You might ask, who is Johnny Carson? Well, he took Jack Paar's place on TV's The Tonight Show. You remember... Johnny Carson with his "side-kick" & announcer Ed McMahon ~ you know... "Heeeeeeeeeer's Johnny!" OK, Carson was the guy who had the show before Jay Leno. What, you ask who is Jay Leno??? Alright, all of these people were the predecessors for The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien!
[Late edit for this blog - JGW]
Don Counts added (see his comment to this blog) that Steve Allen had the show before Jack Paar. After Don's reminder about Allen, I decided to do a little research online. The Tonight Show began in 1954 with Steve Allen. He featured an ongoing segment known as "The Man on the Street Interviews" (see my comments). Later, Allen had another show called The Steve Allen Show... from this later show, I had become old enough to watch it some and Allen would show the interviews again with many of the comedians in this feature went on to be stars on Televison and in movies: Don Knotts, Louie Nye, Tom Poston and others!

As you can see, even the 23 Jan 1970 issue of Life Magazine has some interesting history.

- Compiled by JGWest


Don Couns said...

Steve Allen was before Jack Paar

John G. West said...

Thanks so much, Don for sending this addition to the history of the "Tonight Show!" I could not think of the person before Jack Paar that used to have the "Man on the Street" interviews with relatively unknown comedians: "The Nervous Man" - Don Knotts; Paul Poston and 4 or 5 more. Does anyone know of others?

John g. West said...

That was "Tom" Poston. And another one was Louie Nye.