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Saturday, October 3, 2009

From My Email Box - "Unusual Grave Markers - Just for Fun!"


Don Counts has sent me these photos from "Funpic" twice in the last 10 days... so for Don and all of us who find tombstones a work of art, interesting, humorous at times, beautiful & unusual - here are some good ones with added remarks by me...

[If you find anything like these in the tri-state area, consider submitting it for "Tombstone Thursday" for this blog - we will give you the photo credit. - JGW]

We have all seen this type before.
There are lots of variations of this sort of humor (or maybe not so funny!)
There are many markers reflecting hobbies: golf, fishing, etc. This one is somewhat unusual!

This one is taking the love of one's life and making it into a work of art in stone.
This may be my favorite of all time... really cool!
This is the most elaborate and unique I have ever seen.
-Submitted by Don Counts

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