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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Media Release From Vand. Co. Health Dept.

Media Release
Vanderburgh County Health Department
EVANSVILLE, December 18, 2009; 3 pm
The Vanderburgh County Health Department (VCHD), in order to comply with State law and Secure ID requirements, is instituting new guidelines regarding the documentation necessary to obtain birth and death certificates from the Vital Records Division of the VCHD. This change will reduce the chances Vanderburgh County residents will become victims of identify theft and fraud. The changes impact both who may obtain a birth or death certificate, as well as make it clearer which types of identification are needed to obtain the certificate.
Attached with this press release are the eligibility and identification requirements necessary to obtain birth or death certificates as of January 1st, 2010. Please note only one primary or two secondary I.D. documents are required. Birth certificates at the VCHD only cover Vanderburgh County births. Individuals requiring birth or death certificates from other counties must contact those counties’ health departments for records.

Please call the Vital Records Division of the VCHD at 435-5681 or 435-5814 if you
have questions.

Getting a Birth or Death Certificate?
As of January 1, 2010
To Get A Certificate ~ Here is What You Need…
Who’s Eligible to obtain a Certificate:
1. The individual can complete form with proper info and ID.
2. Person named on record over 18 (under must have letter from parent).
3. Parents of person named on record (must be listed on record).
4. Sibling over 18 with proof of relationship to at least one parent.
5. Grandparents (must be parent of a parent on the record & show proof of relationship).
6. Child over 18 of person named on record with proof of relationship.
7. Spouse, with proof of relationship (ex: marriage license, birth record of child, insurance card).
8. Court Appointed Legal Guardian (must provide guardianship papers with seal).
9. Attorney representing person named on record (must have I.D. for self and I.D. with permission letter from person named on record.).
10. Caseworker from Division of Family & Children with court appointed guardianship paper (must show I.D.).
11. Law Enforcement personnel with I.D. and court order.
12. Adult child or grandchild (proof of relationship).

Secondary Documentation 2 required:
Police report (if individual reports their I.D. has been stolen).
Fire report (if individual reports their I.D. was destroyed in fire).
Employment I.D. with signature, photo, date of employment or employee address.
Copy of signed employment application.
Bankcard with signature (not credit cards) or personal check with current information.
Voter Registration with signature.
Vehicle Registration with signature.
Previous year’s tax return with signature and social security number.
Welfare, Food Stamp or WIC I.D. cards.
Probation documents or statement from Probation Officer on letterhead, including person’s name and date of birth.
Letter from BMV or Social security Administration that shows individuals name and date of birth.
Certified copy of marriage license application showing individuals name, date of birth, parents and signature.
Signed Leases or loan agreements.
Expired driver’s license (not more than 6 months).
Club membership card with signature or photo.
Gun permit with signature.
Social Security card.

Primary Documentation (All documents MUST be current and valid):
Valid Driver’s License, Military I.D., State I.D. card, Valid Passport.
Department of Correction I.D. (issued within past 6 months).
School I.D. with signature and photo.
Court Order (must order local health dept. to release record to person named on the record).

- Submitted by Don Counts from Chris Allen MT (ASCP) SH Laboratory Director

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