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Friday, December 18, 2009

"Old School Houses"

Just like old barns, we can find old school buildings that are just abandoned... left to fall down and eventually vanish along with its history.

This small brick school house (School No. 4) is located in Parkers Settlement in Posey County, Indiana.
The building seems in reasonably good shape, considering it was built in 1892 as indicated by the corner stone pictured below. I tried to learn what I could about this school and the names listed in the Posey County history books at Willard Library, but I did not find anything.
Abandoned schools made of wood or bricks can be found throughout the tri-state area. Some have recorded histories, but for many the building has lasted longer than its students and anyone that knows about any part of its history.
- Photos taken & submitted by Linda L. Young-Niemeier

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