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Friday, January 8, 2010

"Internet Reflections!"


I just got an email...
from someone that I had not heard from in some time!

This got me to thinking about some things in the past, especially with working on the computer and communicating on the Internet. I got on my first "real" computer in 1995 about 15 years ago. Things have changed a lot with computers & the Internet since then, but joining the world via the computer has changed most of us and our lives! I have had very close relationships with people from all over the USA and some around the world! I have worked with others to build networks or national organizations... I even served as World Chair of the WorldGenWeb Project that is an off-shoot of the USGenWeb which is an off-shoot of the KYGenWeb Project that started from the Muhlenberg Co., KY GenWeb Project.

I have to go to work for now... this will be continued as I have time! In the meantime be thinking about how computers & the Internet has changed your life. - JGWest

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