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Sunday, January 3, 2010

"New Web Site for McDowell Publications"


Judy Bailey - Jan 2, 2010 MyFamily.com web page:
Our Breckinridge, Hancock and Ohio County Cousins~

"Sam McDowell Publications has updated their homepage. I'm thankful his children continued his business. He was a very kind man, and knew a little bit of every Kentuckians genealogy it seemed. My sister and I had recopies made there at a very reasonable price a few years back when Sam was still alive. Anyone that lives close enough to the business should go and check it out, but give yourself a couple of hours to browse his many shelves of publications! You never know what you can find there! The new webpage is very accessable. Anyone hunting a book concerning families, churches, graveyards, or if you are even considering having a book printed about genealogy, you should check them out. No, I am not kin to the McDowells. I just wanted to let everyone one know about a little business way out in the country, that the primary goal was to record families, Kentucky history and other states history, ran mostly I feel, out of Sam and his families love of genealogy and their love of Kentucky. "


Looks like they have a very nice new web site. I can not wait for them to complete the tribute to Sam (currently under construction). I would visit with Sam during our Tri-State Genealogical Society Seminars in Evansville. One time I was telling him how I discovered that the former Director of Special Collections & I were related through the Haynes family. He asked, "was that William Haynes b. 1740 that was in the Revolutionary War?" I said that was right! He said that we were cousins since that was his direct ancestor, too! Well, I was pleased to have Joan Elliott Parker as a Haynes cousin, but now, I had Sam McDowell, too!!! Bettie Cook said she was jealous that everyone was related to me except her (we later discovered that we had an indirect relationship with her [Nancy] Cummings & my [William] Wood lines). Years back, Bettie's husband Mike & Sam were partners in the publishing business. Over the years, I bought quite a few books from Sam. I really liked Sam and miss him.

- Compiled by JGWest


Kim Eisman said...

I am pleased to find this out. i have searched for them several time on the internet without success, so this was a great new year gift to find this listed here.

Brian Harney said...

I miss Sam too. I helped him with PCs in the early days (1980s and 1990s). I wrote software for creating back of book indexes and Sam was my main user and tester.

I was at his shop in the old Pleasant Ridge School a number of times, and even slept on one of the worktables while waiting for the PC to sort and/or print a big index. Ah, the good ol days, when time didn't fly by so fast.

Sam and I had long discussions about life, religion (he hand wrote the King James Bible like 7 times, I think it was) and genealogy and history.

Sam kept the old school alive as a sort of social center, with people playing basketball in the gym, and softball on the adjacent ball field (Sam was often there running and puffing too), and the gym was used by various church groups for prayer services.

Yeah, he was a good fellow. Godspeed, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I read you might have a book Matthias Shultz and his descendants by Carlyle W. Bennett.
If so can you contact me by email at drchinn@fuse.net or phone at 859-485-1959 my mother was a Shultz. and I am trying to get all the information on ancestors for my grand son. my name is Dennis Chinn. if the book is available I would like to purchase one.

Meridith said...

I am trying to contact McDowell Publications, but I cannot find a website, phone number, or email that works. Are they still in business, and do you have any suggestions?