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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tech Info

This new piece of technology is being used by the Evansville Public Library system to digitalize books & records.

BookDrive Pro
The Ultimate Solution For Mass Digitization.

* Scan anything up to A2 size.
* Natively captures flat images so there is no need for page curvature correction software.
* Provides the user with the ability to scan 1,000 pages per hour.
* Scan easily without pushing buttons with Auto Capture Switch.
* Advanced lighting system produces well, evenly lit images.
* Supports any Canon SLR camera so the product will never become obsolete - if your needs change or if newer better cameras are introduced just upgrade your cameras while keeping your scanning platform and software package.
BookDrive Pro is the most powerful model of the successful BookDrive line of scanners. BookDrive solution solves typical problems found in overhead scanners: page curvature, damage to book spine, and low productivity. Learn more at the Atiz web page: http://pro.atiz.com/
-Submitted by Chris Myers

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