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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

From the FIRST MATE's


The Manataka™ American Indian Council
in its Warrior Society News
features information about the Native American Medal of Honor Monument.

"The Medal of Honor was established by Congress in 1862 and has been awarded to 3,448 heroes to date. Almost half are Civil War soldiers. Since the beginning of World War II, only 850 Medals of Honor have been awarded. Over half that number died in their moment of heroism. There are no surviving World War I Medal of Honor recipients today. Only 328 soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen from World War II to date survived to wear the Medal in civilian life. Today, there are only 100 living recipients. There are only two surviving American Indian Medal of Honor recipients; Colonel Van Thomas Barfoot, US Army-retired (Choctaw) and Lieutenant Michael E Thornton, US Navy-retired (Cherokee)."
Learn more at their site from the link above.
- Link submitted by Don Counts.

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