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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From the FIRST MATE's

1966 Polaroid Photos!
I found these old "Swinger" Polaroid B&W photos in a little tin index card file box as we were moving things into our new storage barn. This box was in my room in Mom & Dad's house on East Indiana Street. My last year in 4-H was 1966... we had moved from our "farm" in Warrick County between Heilman & Tennyson, Indiana close to the old Loafer Station crossroads to Boonville to graduate from BHS in 1965 (we are having 45th. Reunion this summer) and then to Evansville. Mom was so glad to get back to her beloved Evansville! The move to Indiana Street was close enough for me to walk over to Evansville College (now University of Evansville). I left the Loafer Station 4-H Club when we moved to Boonville and joined the Thorny Grove 4-H Club in Chandler, Indiana (still Warrick County). In 1966 I was President of the Thorny Grove club and very active in Warrick County 4-H. The little tin box held instructions on playing games and dances for the 4-H Recreation Project for the 1966 County Fair. I held a Kids Neighborhood Party at our house and had someone take these Polaroid shots (probably Mom). These Swinger Polaroid photos never were of very good quality, but were adequate. I am positive that it has been 43.5 years since I have seen these photos... I strongly suspect that the box was put back somewhere in my old room right after the fair not to be seen until this past Sunday!
My sister, Tina, & I demonstrating one of the dances for the party.
This photo was not taken during the party, it was taken at the Christmas home in Chandler with the block building being our meeting place. Here I am showing kids of the 4-H Club how to be really "goofy" while dancing. We had fun and that was what it was all about. Wow! Young, thin & energetic!
Back at the party at our house. In the foreground is Keith Gibson dancing with Faye Gibson from two doors down. Next facing us is my little brother Don dancing with Debbie Conover. Then you can barely see Tina and me. [See the old wooden garage behind us, lightening hit it one night & it quickly burned to the ground.]
Above is most of the kids that came to the party. In the back from left is my sister Tina, Faye Gibson, Me, Keith Gibson, Debbie Conover, my brother Don. Cheryl Conover, Clifford Gibson. Butch Conover next to Wanda Gibson.

- Photos submitted by JGWest

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