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Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Interactive U.S. Census - Footnote.com"




-Finding Ancestors and distant relatives can be as easy as clicking a single button-
Lindon, UT - March 11, 2010 – In order to encourage more people to find their ancestors and connect with family,
Footnote.com, the web’s premier interactive history site, is opening all of their U.S. census documents for free to the public for a limited time.
Unlike any other historical collection on the web, the
Interactive Census Collection has the unique ability to connect people related to ancestors found on the historical documents. Simply by clicking the “I’m Related” button for a name on the document will identify you as a descendent and also list others that have done the same. Never before has it been as easy to connect with distant relatives through historical documents. To learn how to get started with the Interactive Census, visit: http://go.footnote.com/discover.

This was recently released by Footnote.com of which I found on Eastman's Online Newsletter on Friday. I was not impressed when I saw what they had online with the Census:

1860 US Census 100% complete
1900 US Census 5% complete
1910 US Census 3% complete
1920 US Census 3% complete
1930 US Census 98% complete

Not all US Censuses are complete. We are always adding more records every month. Watch a Census year to see when we update it.

I suspect it will be another nice tool once they get more complete census online (and hopefully the 1870 & 1880!).

- Submitted by JGWest

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