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Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Cemetery vandal deserves God's mercy!"


[In yesterday's Evansville Courier & Press, the following "Letter to the Editor" is worth posting here. - JGWest]

To the editor:

I tend to a small cemetery on Evansville's West Side where Benoni Stinson, the founder of the General Baptist faith, is laid to rest. The cemetery is encompassed by CSX railroad property but remains a private lot.

This week I was mowing grass. I was shocked to discover that a half piece of a concrete cross tie was missing and a complete cross tie had been dragged across the cemetery. These had been placed so that vehicles would not accidentally run over graves.

Apparently the thief could not haul away the heavier complete cross tie.

It is my hope that a person who is willing to degrade himself to the point of stealing from a cemetery will find the love of Christ, which Benoni Stinson preached to all in the early days of our community. May the perpetrator of such a vile act never suffer the wrath of God who loves him anyway.

Philip Peckinpaugh

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