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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Research Tips

Recently, Cyndi Howells of Cyndi's List stated on FaceBook: "I might end up sounding like a broken record here. But my initial tips on working your ancestors are: 1) get *all* possible records for each ancestor. 2) create a timeline for each ancestor that shows date-by-date what you know from your research. 3) map your ancestors--getting a geographical perspective is so important. 4) know the history of the time and place in which your ancestor lived." [This is used here with permission.] This is about the simpliest and best advice or tip I have seen in all of my genealogical researching over the last 50 years! Although this looks and seems simple it is not simple to do, but is essential to help prevent "brick walls" or "barking up the wrong tree!" The only thing that I might add to this would be to maintain "family group sheets" to help you keep up with family relationships as you research.

In 1996, I remember corresponding with Cyndi when she was just getting her list going good. She said that she hoped that everyone would be patient with her to get new links online since she was basically just an everyday housewife with children. As time went on Cyndi became a celebrity, author, lecturer, speaker appearing in magazines and TV. Cyndi's List is incredible and one of the most important "favorites link" of all for genealogists (and historians) to use daily! Here is the link to her site: http://www.cyndislist.com/

Cyndi's List is a free service to genealogists to help us find online resources and information. As her site states ~ "Your genealogy starting point online for more than a decade!" There are 280,000 plus links in over 180 categories. She is constantly updating links as quickly as they are broken and adding new links as they are found or reported. Thanks Cyndi Howells for all that you have done!

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