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Sunday, May 30, 2010

From the FIRST MATE's


Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend...
is a great day to visit, decorate & remember those who died for our country while on military duty. We should take this opportunity to remember other soldiers, family, ancestors & friends who have gone before us. Becky & I each year remember about 80 people that have come before us. Friday afternoon, we traveled around to the graves near us to remember family. The following are some photos I took.

This little "lug" type flag holder is the first I have seen honoring a Viet Nam Veteran. It is at the grave of Sgt. William Payne in the James Parker Cemetery, Hatfield, Indiana. We were here to decorate a WWII vet Robert H. Meredith, Jr. (Becky's birth father).

Sgt. Payne's grave is well decorated. Note the inscription at the base of his marker: "A grateful nation honors his memory and gives recognition for his devoted and selfless dedication to the service of his country." These words summarizes what Memorial Day is all about!
It is important to remember family because we keep them alive in our minds & heart. I found this one to be special... notice the butterfly plaque and butterflies in the colorful boquet of flowers. This grave is in Alexander Memorial Park Cemetery in Evansville, Indiana.
We decorated my younger brother's grave at Oak Hill Cemetery in Evansville. Don did not serve in the military, but he was very patriotic. He love music and played guitars in several small bands. He died young of a heart attack. Don helped me often in researching our family history.
These praying hands at Alexander Memorial Park Cemetery reminds us to remember prayer for our troops around the world and to pray for family & friends.
And here is a link to some military & patriotic music & songs that should get you in the mood to remember those who have marched ahead of us: Gene Simmons (of KISS) Military Tribute.
- Photos taken & submitted by JGWest

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Claudette (Ricketts) Pfingston said...


Wonderful Memorial Day Tribute! A lot of love went into some of the tombstones, some others are just names and dates. The guitar on your brother's grave is so appropriate. I'm sure he would like it, too.

I remember when I was a teen and younger, seeing where vandals painted the nails on the Praying Hands at Alexander Memorial Park Cemetery. So sad people can be so cruel.

Honoring our Vets and family and friends who have gone on before us.