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Friday, May 28, 2010

"The Mystery of the Crystal Chandeliers"

This mystery of the missing crystal chandeliers...

might be like any mystery that would catch the fancy of any historian or genealogist. Researching the past starts as a great mystery or a story to be solved. Some time back on this blog I reported on the fabulous Crystal Room of the Acme Hotel and its beautiful crystal chandeliers. I photographed the two chandeliers that are in the C. K. Newsome Community Center. During my research I learned that there were four chandeliers, but I had only found two. So, the mystery was: where were the other two? What happened to them? Asking around about the other two, most said that they only knew of the two (that I photographed). I was simply amazed when one day at the Community Center as I was going downstairs to the Evansville City Parks & Recreation Department offices, right in front of my eyes above the midway landing hung chandelier #3. I had seen it many more times than I had looked at the others! I decided to look all through the Community Center... looking in every room.

But, alas, that fourth chandelier was not to be found anywhere. I gave up assuming that it might have been broken or, as people often say, "it sprouted wings and flew off." This past weekend, Becky & I spent some time visiting zoos and museums. At the Evansville Museum, I found that chandelier #4. I recognized it immediately, excitedly telling Becky that it was the "missing" chandelier from the Acme Hotel! There was a little sign indicating that it was indeed the fourth chandelier from the Hotel with the other three at the Community Center. Finally, the little mystery of the crystal chandeliers was resolved and this historian/genealogist can relax until the next mystery case evolves!

- Photo taken & submitted by JGWest. Blog written by JGWest.

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