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Friday, June 11, 2010

Navigating Along the River - Research Tips


As time goes on, more databases are posted on the Internet. Many of these are not known to us genealogists & family historians. Of course the online obituary sites are great for getting additional information about our families. Remember, however, that the information is only as good as the informant or compiler of that info. The newspaper will make mistakes, too. Most is correct, but it needs to be verified (documented) as we do everything else in our research.

I just learned about the Owensboro, KY Obituary Index from Bettie Cook [click on link to go to that site]. I have some Owensboro area family that have died... I searched for them and find all that I checked for, but I have many, many more to search for later. The index is full of information for the period of 1842-1919 and 1990-present with these two periods listing: Name, Obituary Date, Age, Birth Date, Birth Place, Death Date, Death Place, Cemetery, Cause of Death, Survivors, Comments! A third section from 1920-1989 only has a brief abstracts of the obituaries: Name, Obituary Date, Age, Death Place, Birth Place.

Most reading this blog already knows about the Browning Genealogical Database with obituaries posted from the early 1900's to date. This database also includes a "People Studies" section that has newspaper articles about people in the Evansville & tri-state area as reported by the Evansville newspapers.

These are only two of the obituary indices online. Perhaps our TSGS Webmaster might begin to compile a list of obituary websites in the tri-state area to help our researchers. I will discuss this with Terry Winchester to see what he thinks. In the meantime, seen me any links you have found concerning obits in the area... I will review them and then they can be put together on the website.

- Owensboro Obituary link provided by Bettie Cook.
- Article written by JGWest


Don Counts said...

Couple of other obituary data bases: National Obituay Arcive,http://www.arrangeonline.com and www.legacy.com

Terry Winchester said...

project in my "to-do" list.

~terry w