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Saturday, June 19, 2010

TSGS Dock of Shame


Cemetery Vandalism, AGAIN...

I do not understand how anyone could get pleasure or think that knocking down tombstones is funny or cool??? Let's realize first that any idiot can damage tombstones. Secondly, there are family members who care about these tombstones, most are not abandoned over the years. Also, each grave marker, no matter how old or small, is a monument or memorial to that person's life and should be given respect by all. Something that is often missed by these vandals that do their dirty work in the dark, is the staggering costs to repair the damages... this is a serious criminal offense. Each stone is a historical record for all to see, not destroy! Would these fools do this to their mother's grave or to someone they deeply cared for? I am sure they think no one saw them running amuck, probably giggling like little school girls, knocking down markers that could not defend themselves from such cowardly actions in the dead of the night... but, I believe God was watching!

Members of this small church in Vanderburgh County are trying to figure out how to make repairs after vandals hit their cemetery twice in a week's time. Phyllis Happe, a member of Zoar United Church of Christ, says damage estimates are totaling $100,000. "That's not easy to come up with for a small church with maybe 100 people in it. We will do something with them. We will not leave our cemetery in disrepair, but it may take time." Deputies with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's office tell NEWS 25, they do not have any suspects or leads in this case.

Tamara Kincaide posted this link on the INVANDER email list on Friday: Cemetery Vandals Hit Zoar United Church of Christ Cemetery

I just hope these sick vandals can handle the haunts of the ghosts from these graves of the tombstones that were damaged! - JGWest

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