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Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Uncle Dudley dies at 86"


Chet Behrman...
Evansville Local TV Pioneer,
died Tuesday 25 Jan 2011.

He was one of my heroes growing up with that new thing called TV back in the days when everything was still black & white. Behrman played a noon, lunch time character to cover for the non-existent national shows during that time of day. He was Uncle Dudley to every kid from 1956 thru the early 1960's. He had a metal polka-dotted lunch bucket and between cartoons, he would announce birthdays of kids. Really cool to hear Uncle Dudley wish you a happy birthday on Television!!! Of course what we remember most were his miniature-sized toys of a worm & a giraffe (& others): Juan Worm & Jerry Giraffe. I remember as an adult working on the J. Jeff Hays campaign for Evansville Mayor. Jeff asked me to deliver a press release for that day to the TV & radio stations. I walked into NBC-WFIE Channel 14 and Chet Behrman took the news package... all I could say was "you are Uncle Dudley!!!" He was both pleased & embarrassed, but he was my hero and he knew it.

- written by JGWest

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