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Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Yesterday's Blog Continued"


Yesterday I told you that I had found some new information on my Dad's Uncle Samuel Lee Phipps and on his mother's Uncle Robert Phipps. I said that I used the "Search the Web" function on my Family Tree Maker software on my computer with my family history database. I went to these two relatives and clicked the search button and ended up on Ancestry.com for much of what was found. Now, remember I have a subscription to Ancestry.com that has an annual fee that I pay mostly to have access to US Federal Census images and some misc. other resources. One source that I have been using lately is the World War I & II Draft registration cards. These are great since every male was required to file one... not sure of the ages, but they are at least 18 to 55. Which means generally every young adult male in the household (sometimes including the father) filed a card! These are great because they provided some great genealogical info. Dates of birth and where they lived on that date. Who to contact in case of emergency; their occupation & where (who) employed. You get their signature. There are categories for physical features color of eyes & hair, etc.

Through Ancestry's search engines I found both of these relatives. One I learned where he had moved... not known before. This meant I could find him in the census & a lot more, including a marriage license. The other one listed contact person as being a sister who had a different last name that I knew of before... she had remarried! Now, I could find her in census, etc.

-Written by JGWest

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