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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day - 2011


Happy Father's Day to all genealogists!

My Dad's photo as a young man taken about the time of my birth in March of 1947. This photo or one just like it was taken in downtown Evansville on one of those little booths that give you about 4 photos for a nominal fee... it was nice to get the photos in a short time. The photo was used on a leaflet at Bucyrus Erie to organize a Union for the Employees. Dad along with ten other men had their photo & name posted on the leaflet as members of the organizing committee.
Lots of controversy arose from the Union movement of this time and the company wanted no part of employees having bargaining powers. It ended up being a nasty strike with the Indiana National Guard being called out to restore order! Dad was among many men & women of the time who stood up for uniform work policies; safe work environment; a 40-hour work week; time off with pay for holidays, vacation & sick days; and other benefits that all of us take for granted today. Not everyone will agree that the organized labor movement was a good thing, but I am very proud of my father's role during this historical period of the American Industrial Revolution.

Proud of my father on this Father's Day 2011... may you rest in peace, Dad!

Gaither Glennis West, I 1918-1973

Husband of Bernadine Long ~ Father of Glen, Greg, Tina & Don

- Submitted by JGWest

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