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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Adventures of Indiana Bones (aka Cemetery Geek!)


As a "self-proclaimed cemetery geek," I have decided to introduce a new feature for the blog: "The Adventures of Indiana Bones (aka Cemetery Geek!)"  I seem to be in or around cemeteries almost every day and I can not help but find something unusual to take a picture or to tell a story.  This feature will provide the format for all of these things I find interesting and I hope you bloggers will like them, too!  

Today's adventure story is about this see-through tree.

 As you can see this tree is somewhat hollow and you can see right through it!  It is right on the line between St. Joseph and Alexander Memorial Park Cemeteries.  This section of St. Joe is directly behind Memorial Park's Office building.  I have three generations of my family buried in this small section.  My Great Grandfather James Henry Wood was buried here in 1933 about 4 years after his granddaughter (my Mother's sister) was buried here in 1929.  Grandfather Wood's daughter, my great aunt Susan Margaret Wood is buried here, too.  I suspect this tree was here in 1929 when 3 year-old Mildred Louise Long was buried here.

 Click on these photos to get larger images that will show things more clearly.

 This is a cool picture looking right through the tree at the grave markers.  The inner wood is very soft and I doubt that the tree will survive very many more years.

 In these 2 photos, you can see how this tree has lifted up and moved these grave stones!

I was putting flowers on Aunt Maggie's grave when I noticed the big hole in this tree.  From the road where Aunt Maggie's grave is located (about 8 -12 rows from this back row), I did not know you could see through the tree.  I am glad I walked up to it.  Another nice Adventure for Indiana Bones, a cemetery geek!

- Photos taken and submitted by JGWest

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