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Sunday, May 27, 2012

From the First Mate's Photo Album

Oh, Deer!!!
And I do mean deer, White-tailed Deer roaming around grazing in Oak Hill Cemetery!  Superintendent Chris Cooke sent me a photo of these deer that were right in front of the Administration Office Building early yesterday morning.  I went by the cemetery to finish decorating graves for Becky's family.  And, there they were just walking around like they owned the place.  Chris said he had seen some deer over the last few years, but mostly when it was a little colder.  These look like they are young... short and slender.
 They stopped to pose for me and, then, they looked at me as if I was invading their privacy.
 Then they saw the SUV taking pictures of them and decided to run for it.  I was lucky to get this last pic before they were gone!  This was a first for this ol' Cemetery Geek!
- Photos taken and submitted by Indiana Bones

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