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Monday, January 19, 2009


“TSGS Web Site Chosen:
ClustrMaps User Of The Month!”

From: "ClustrMaps Team"
To: jgw.mylines@gmail.com
Subject: ClustrMaps User Of The Month
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 15:28:53 +0000

Hi ...
I'm pleased to announce that your site, http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~intsgs/index.html
is a winner of the ClustrMaps User Of The Month (there are more than one this month)! CONGRATULATIONS!! I've already updated you to ClustrMaps+ status, and the 'zoomed in maps' (continents) will begin appearing after the next map update (normaly overnight at 0400 GMT, but it also depends on there being an increase by 10% of the number of 'dots' shown, so it may take an extra day or two). I'll shortly be listing your URL on our User of The Month page, and the upgrade stays in effect for 2 years (after which I can easily guarantee plenty of great new features). Best wishes, and thanks for being a loyal ClustrMaps user and fan!
-C.J. on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team

See: http://clustrmaps.wordpress.com/user-of-the-month/ We are one of three chosen for January 2009. We were awarded a free upgrade (Paid Version) that features maps for each continent that shows better detail of where our visitors are from. The North America map shows the state boundaries in the USA. It looks like only about 8 states have not had someone to visit us. Besides the USA we have 11 other countries visit our site. We have had about 400 unique visits in one month. If anyone knows someone that lives in one of the following states: Wyoming, North Dakota, Mississippi, Vermont, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Maine, West Virginia... please ask them to visit our TSGS Web Site and click on the Guest Book link to leave a message of where they are from. Then we will be able to check to see if they got charted. - Submitted by JGWest

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