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Friday, January 30, 2009

"No Power for TSGS Cruiser Blog Master"

Wed. morning at about 3AM our power to the house (from the down line transformers) went out due to the terrible ice & snow storm. Neighbors across the street has allowed us to run a cord across to them to give us a little electric power until ours come on. We got the living room temp up to 50 degrees with a small space heater that will keep us from having freezing water pipes (leaving the water trickling to keep it from freezing, as well). This morning we were able to perk some coffee, turn it off and turn the small space heater back on. I knew our cable was ok since the phone works. I tested the TV this moring and it works, so I came in to the computer to check some of the email and put something on the blog to let the world know that TSGS is still blogging along! We should be able to survive... this weekend is expected to get warmer. Our back yard is completely full of huge limbs the size of trees. The branches reach 10 to 12 feet into the air! Our un-attached garage is completely covered in fallen limbs. Our Pine Tree in the front yard lost a lot of large limbs, too. Across the street down the block looks as bad. Many have had trees crash into or through their homes. We are lucky so far.

We are hoping that the the electric line from the power pole is ok, it is pulled down by the limbs like the cable, but seems connected at both ends. We will know when they get power to us. Our utility company Vectren reports that they have about 1/2 million homes without power in southern Indiana and Kentucky. - JGWest (turning off computer and turning space heater back on) Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

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