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Saturday, January 31, 2009

"The TSGS Cruiser Blog Master is Back!"

Power came back on about 2 hours ago. We are running around the house turning on lights and marveling about it. TV is a very interesting item after nearly 4 days. Heat is a very pleasant feeling. You can have heat going and the coffee perking all at the same time. We take all of these things for granted. God has never let us suffer more than we can handle, and with His help we went through this quite well.

The repair crews for the utility company just quickly cut a path through the fifty or so big limbs crossing our back yard on top of our power line and pulled it back up to their pole in the alley. Two hours later they had everyone hooked up in our sector and they turned on the power. It sure was a special moment. This was the first time we have had to endure this long without electric power in the winter (last night it was down to 15 degrees or colder). We were warm as toast under 10 blankets all night, but it sure was cold this morning.

This article and yesterday's is not all that genealogical, but it does provide a little bit of historical documentation of the Great Ice Storm of the tri-state area. - JGWest

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