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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From the FIRST MATE's

My Great Uncle Ellis
"The Arthur Ellis Wood Family"
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The photo above reminds me of the "Ozzie & Harriett" TV show back in the 1950's, except Uncle Ellis and Aunt Pearl had 2 daughters instead of sons. (L to R): Betty Wood, Francis Wood, Aunt Pearl & seated is my Uncle Ellis. Betty graduated from Evansville College about 1950 and was an Art Teacher at Daniel Wertz Elementary School on the West Side of Evansville. Both daughters never married and both died somewhat young - Francis was 33 and Betty was 40 when they died... both are buried with their Mother in Alexander Memorial Park Cemetery. They were Methodist, while Uncle Ellis was Catholic and is buried in St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery adjoining the cemetery where his wife and daughters are buried. Uncle Ellis was my mother's mother's (Grandma) brother. He began work at Mead Johnson at about age 17 and quickly rose to the position of Supervisor over the Pablum Baby Formula Department. He worked at Mead Johnson for over 40 years, his only place of employment, and was a supervisor for over 30 years! Aunt Pearl was the Democrat Precinct Committee person in Howell for many years. Uncle Ellis and his family lived in the Howell Neighborhood of the West Side of Evansville.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Uncle Ellis at the Annual Mead Johnson Family Picnic. Since he did not drink beer, he was assigned in the beer hut. If you read yesterday's "Evansville Brewing History," you will note the Cook & Sterling labels on the beer cases. This photo was probably taken in the mid-1930's.

Photos & captions submitted by JGWest

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