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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tombstone Thursday - Metal (Bronze) Markers

Last summer I found this metal grave marker, that I thought was unusual and I had never seen or heard of one like it. (Click on each photo to get a larger view of it.)

This marker is in Oak Hill Cemetery in Evansville, IN

This is what is on the base of the above marker.

This is one of the four panels (serving as a blank). The other three sides have information about the deceased buried here.

This is one of the three sides with information about the deceased - there are two listed on this panel.

This is a second one of this type of metal (bronze) marker found in the Selvin Cemetery in Selvin, IN (Warrick County).

This one has a panel missing and I discovered that it is a hollow shell bolted down inside! Has anyone else seen these before?

Photos taken and submitted by JGWest
[Tombstone Thursday is dedicated in memory of Donald G. West 1952-2000]

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