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Monday, March 2, 2009

Marker/Plaque/Monument Monday

Civil War Union & Confederate Soldiers
Memorial Monuments
Oak Hill Cemetery ~ Evansville, Indiana

(Click on photo to enlarge - Photo taken by Don Counts)
The above monument was placed in the cemetery by the United States "In loving remembrance of our Confederate dead 1861-1865"

(Click on photo to enlarge - Photo taken by Don Counts)
"This tablet was placed on this monument by the United States to mark the burial place of twenty-four Confederate soldiers who, while prisoners of war, died at Evansville and were buried in this cemetery, where the individual graves cannot now be identified."
The names and their units are listed on this "tablet."

(Click on photo to enlarge - Photo taken by JGWest)
"Erected by the Woman's Relief Corps A.D. 1909 in memory of the comrades of Farragut Post No. 27 Department of Indiana Grand Army of the Republic 1861-1865."
The base has in large letters:
There are about two dozen graves in this section purchased by this Post No. 27.

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