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Saturday, August 15, 2009

From My Email Box - "1930 Census on Footnote.com"

Gilbert Schmitt sent me this:

Hey John,

Enjoying the blog. Here is something for it.

I went to Footnote to try out the free census deal for August. I don't belong to any paid genealogy sites but will try out their special offers. I wanted to look up my parents and step father and make some copies for mom.

My father showed right away but was living with someone called William Dietty and his wife that was illegible as the note said. Going to the census page and zooming in a few clicks I could see that it was transcribed wrong. The lines clearly state the name Deitz and the wife's name Wilhelmina was clear. Both became very good family friends while still alive. Also the transcribed estimated birth dates for dad were two years off.

Looking over the entire page, as other relatives lived near them, I found 14 transcription errors of the names from what was actually written compared to what notes were showing as the cursor moved over the lines. That's 14 errors on just one page. I had a lot of trouble in Henderson Co., KY for this same reason. In my opinion the 1930 census at Footnote.com is worthless. Gilbert

[Has anyone else experienced similar error problems with transcription of the 1930 Census on Footnote.com? - JGW]

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