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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A visit from a blog contributor from Nashville...

Taneya Koonce came to Willard Library to meet me & Brenda Jerome on Sunday 09 Aug 2009. Brenda along with Taneya, Don Counts & Chris Myers are the major contributors to our TSGS Cruiser Blog. Below is a photo of us in Willard's Special Collection floor.

Left to right: Brenda Jerome, Taneya Koonce and John G. West.
We had a very nice visit that we cut short because Taneya is a genealogist (just like us) that wanted to do some research in Willard's fantastic genealogical collection. Taneya is a very nice young lady with five young children: four boys and the cutest little girl that I have a photo on this blog on an earlier date. She has promised me that she will submit for the blog the interesting story behind her name and another lady plus her sons' names.

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