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Monday, August 10, 2009

Marker/Plaque/Monument Monday

This is a follow-up of yesterday's blog with two plaques... one is a little mystery, that we can use some help! - JGW

In yesterday's blog, we had photos of the U of E beautiful grounds & gardens. On the Lincoln Avenue side of the campus, you can see the Administration Building and a nice stone sign "University of Evansville." The sign is actually the back side of a large bench like platform for visiting or small events like a musical performance or a political rally that occured there in the late 1960's with Eugene McCarthy.

The plaque below was installed on the bench during the University's 150 years of preparing leaders for tomorrow. The "Sesquicentennial Oval" was made possible through an estate gift from Dallas Bower-Suhrheinrich, long-time UE Trustee.

Below that plaque is a somewhat older plaque (in photo below). The qulaity of this photo is not very good and I apologize for it, but I did want to include it today. It is a little mystery as to who this man is and why this structure was dedicated to his memory, in addition to when was it dedicated. The small plaque simply states: "Dedicated to the Memory of Michael E. Thorp."
I checked the newspaper clippings and obituaries in the Browning Databases and I checked the online databases for both city cemeteries. I also went to the U of E's website hoping to find something there. I found nothing. Maybe one of you bloggers out there can find out who Mr. Thorp is and why this centerpiece in the gardens at UE was dedicated to his memory and when it was dedicated.

- Photos taken & submitted by JGWest

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