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Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Halloween Photo Contest - Late Entries"

More Halloween Photos...

"Very Cool Lighted Pumpkin" - Photo taken & submitted by Janel Jett (pumpkin carved by Janel!)
"Blog Master's Choice" Chef Don trying to bury his soup bones!
- Submitted by Don Counts

"Chef Don's Living Hotdog Sandwich" - Submitted by Don Counts

"Chef Don with Construction Worker" - Submitted by Don Counts

"The JibJab Counts Family 2009" - Submitted by Don Counts
"Best Clown" - Submitted by "Mysterious Doc"

"Best Adults" - Submitted by "Mysterious Doc"

"Best Bunny" - Submitted by "Mysterious Doc"

" Best Princess" - Submitted on behalf of Cincinnati O. West (Halle's 4th. Great Grandmother)

"Best Witch" - Submitted by Carol Stepp Wallace

"Man Breaking into Boarded-Up House" - Submitted by Igor Balanski

- Submitted by Perry Chute

"Sparky & Kids" - Photo taken & submitted by Linda Young-Niemeier

Thanks to all who participated in this contest... sorry that we could not publish more of the photos submitted. We can post a few more if they are exceptional. - JGWest

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