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Friday, June 25, 2010

Whirlpool Is Closing Its Doors Today!


This blog is being posted kind of late today. I did not much feel like posting one at all, since Whirlpool has decided to close its plant here, that has been in town for over 50 years and heading to Mexico for cheap labor! 1,100 people lost their jobs! This will affect many families besides the ones that were left without a job.

There will be divorces, bankruptcies, people losing their cars or even their homes. Some will move to an area where they can get work and start over in their lives. As genealogists, we have wondered why families moved from one place to another. Sometimes, it was because they could get land. There were times when tragedy struck due to the weather storms or floods (earthquakes, etc.). Sometimes fire destroyed everything they had. Diseases would wipe out the majority of a family and cause the survivors to want to move on to help them grieve. The land may have become barren due to the crops taking the nutrients from the soil and the farmers did not replenish it. Sometimes there were large numbers of people leaving at the same time to go to a new place... these migrations usually were caused by a tragedy or land speculation.

My point is just, as some will move from Evansville due to loss of their job at Whirlpool, our ancestors had a reason to move from where they were born to live in another state sometimes a long way off. An important aspect of our ancestor's story is learning why they moved.

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