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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Research Tips

Ok! I know...
you are asking what is this photo about?

During our last TSGS meeting, I was taking photos for the blog of different things going on during the meeting. While I was up front by Lyn Martin's desk at Willard Library taking a photo of those in attendance, I looked down and noticed this small stack of new booklets covering some 1700's court information from Maryland. Having several lines in Maryland in the 1700's I just took a photo of the books to remind me later that these will be on the shelves in the near future that I will look for!

My research tip is probably used by a lot of family historians these days with the great digital cameras available. The tip is to take photos with your digital cameras for info you might normally use a photocopier to save the information to bring home. Caution: remember that a camera flash may be distracting to other patrons in the library or courthouse.

Do you remember those old detective/spy TV shows where they would sneak into the records in some office in the dark and using their little spy camera to photograph the pertinent files and used later in court? We can do that, too... only during day time! Digital cameras can take hundreds of photos and you can check to see if you got a good image.

Happy spying...er... I mean documenting your research!

- JGWest

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