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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"What is on the flip side?"

As time passes by, I realize more & more why I often have "brick walls" in my genealogy research! I run into these barriers that keep me from learning more... mostly because I am careless and fail to look where I need to check. I am reminded of the saying: "leave no stone unturned." How often do we forget to look on the "flip-side" (back side) of such things as old photographs, documents or stone markers!

Yesterday, for "Monument Monday" I posted a photo of a Viet Nam Memorial Plaque that I had stumbled upon on the Downtown Walkway while I was taking pictures of the new arena being constructed. From the photo I had noticed that there was not a dedication date or date of erecting the marker. Several bloggers noted that the dedication date was on the back side of the monument! Don Counts sent me a photo! I have posted that today. As the commentator Paul Harvey used to say, "Now for the Rest of the Story!" the monument was dedicated on 29 Jan 1973 and the back side lists a dozen more Viet Nam War soldiers killed in that war.
Don also sent us the picture of him kneeling in front of the new memorial for Viet Nam soldiers. I wonder if anything is on the back of this marker! [Click on photos to get larger images.]Note the new memorial is located near the Ohio River Plaza, not far from the museum. The building in the background is a pump station for the Evansville/Vanderburgh Levee Authority District (EVLAD).
- Photos taken & submitted by Donald R. Counts

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Anonymous said...

The noted War Memorials / Honor Rolls would also be well placed on www.hmdb.org

Please also assist with all other Historical Markers being listed on HMdb.

Thank You, "Marker Hunter"