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Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Ice Storm 2009"

Neat icicles, but the electric line weather mast is bent somewhat and notice the electrical drop line and the cable line are not going straight across. In the photo below you can see why these utility lines are not going across like they should. At the far left, center there is a brown pointed stump that used to be our rather large Dogwood Tree... gone forever. The closer utility pole is in the alley - the tree limbs go from about four foot from the back side of the house all the way to the alley. The back garage is completely covered by tree limbs... it is directly in front of the alley utility pole.

Tree in upper right hand corner is a very, very large Silver Maple Tree... all of the fallen limbs in my yard is about 1/5th. of that tree in my neighbor's yard. Limbs fell in his yard and the neighbor's yard on the other side. About 3/5ths. of the approx. 200 year old tree is still standing!

Looking from the back to the front and the street, you get a look at the damage to our White Pine, a big limb fell blocking the front door! - Photos by JGWest

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