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Monday, February 2, 2009

"Global Interest in TSGS"

With 18 countries outside of the United States visiting out TSGS Web Site, there seems to be sufficient evidence that we have a global interest in our web site. I suspect that being named "User of the Month" by ClustrMaps has led quite a few to our site. We were selected for the month of January 2009 and when the Feb. winners are announced we will still be listed! A visitor (or visitors) of Ireland have clicked onto our web site 10 times since 14 Dec 2008. Since that same date, we have had 606 unique visitors. Five countries have visited us more than twice: Ireland 10, United Kingdom 6, Canada 4, Russian Federation 3, France 3.

In the USA, we still have not had any visitors from Wyoming, North Dakota, West Virginia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Vermont & Maine. Check the USA map for our web site with our ClustrMaps Counter . - JGWest

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John G. West said...

This morning ClustrMaps list a visitor from within Spain, making it the 19th. country to have someone check out the TSGS Web Site. Counting the U.S., we have been visited by people in 20 countries!