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Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Power Passed From Generation to Generation"

Christmas 2009 is almost here... Many of my SAR friends marched in the 2009 Downtown Christmas Parade as a Revolutionary War Color Guard. This same parade back in 2002 was my first local Color Guard event. This year, I was not able to participate. A friend, Don Counts, is a member of my SAR Chapter and is in the Color Guard, but like me, he could not march either. Back in 1994, Don Counts took his grand daughter to this parade. In the Evansville Courier picture below is Nikki Ervin with Santa... Don provided the "power" for Nikki's wheelchair.
Below is a photo of Nikki today with her son Ryan reading a book to him. Nikki is still in a wheelchair, but this one is battery powered. Ryan is Don's fourth generation descendant.
Nikki has come a long way since that 1994 Holiday Parade.

- Commentary by JGWest
- Photos submitted by Donald Counts

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