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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

From the FIRST MATE's

Photos taken by Brenda Jerome of our Christmas Social last night. Despite the terrible rainy night most of the TSGS officers and some of our local members made it out to Willard Library to enjoy holiday snacks & treats and fellowship with each other. Larry Goss brought his Keystone steropticon that shows pictures in 3-D... really cool. This gadget was the front runner of the View Master with its round disks.
L-R: TSGS Treasurer Bettie Cook; Board Director Janet Mann; John Scherer.
L-R: TSGS Corresponding Secretary Sue Hebbeler, Vice President Doug Korb; Dan Korb; President John G. West (laughing at something Larry Goss was joking about).

L-R: TSGS Board Director Becky West; Program Chair Mary Lou Bevers; Treasurer Bettie Cook; Board Director Janet Mann; John Scherer.
L-R: TSGS President John G. West (who probably should go on a diet!); Board Director Larry Goss; Board Director Rena Goss; Board Director Becky West. Other officers attending, but not pictured were TSGS Board Director Don Counts & Secretary Brenda Jerome (photographer for the night). And also attending was Lyn Martin (TSGS Ex Official Board Member representing Willard Library). Many of our members and officers take a quick punch & snack break and then back to researching! Some sat around and told jokes & stories.
I told the story that happened at my mother's funeral in 1997. Mom and her brothers were all Catholic, but Dad was not... so all of us were not raised Catholic. When the Priest came to the visitation at the funeral home to perform the Rosary... Mom's three brothers and families (all Catholic) slipped out the back door. I looked around and suddenly noticed there were no Catholic visitors present. I went to the Priest and introduced myself and informed him that the only Catholics present was my mother & him. The Preist said, "You mean the only two Catholics here is me and the deceased?" He laughed and said this will be a first! He gave as good a Rosary as I had every heard, but he did cut it short.

- Photos taken & submitted by Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG. Commentary by JGWest

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