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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Research Tips

As blogs become more popular, we will all be able to find blogs that interest us... if only we have time to read them!

You can search for genealogy related blogs, here is one site: http://blogfinder.genealogue.com/ You can also Google 'Genealogy Blogs.'

In an article I wrote concerning genetic DNA testing "Why DNA?" was the following statement: And as Beau Sharbrough pointed out in his article in the Ancestry Daily News, “DNA has replaced blood in the determination of ‘blood relationships.’” Sharbrough worked for Ancestry.com then he went on to Footnote.com and since has left them. According to Eastman, this puts Beau in a good "insiders" position to evaluate what is happening with these companies. Dick Eastman has a very good blog to keep up with what is going on in genealogy advances, changes and special interests: http://blog.eogn.com/ To see Beau Sharbrough's blog go here: http://tufblog.com/ Another great blog, perhaps the best, is Dear Myrtle: http://blog.dearmyrtle.com/

At least one TSGS member has a blog... Brenda Joyce Jerome, CG. Check out her Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog at http://wkygenealogy.blogspot.com/ Here are a few that I like to check out when I have time: Bill West's West in New England http://wkygenealogy.blogspot.com/ and Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings http://www.geneamusings.com/ Let us know your top genealogy blogs!

- Compiled by JGWest

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