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Friday, December 11, 2009

"Yes, Mary Jane... there is a Spirit of Genealogy!"

Dear Librarian,

I want to know my family roots. Is there truly a “Spirit of Genealogy”? Some of my friends say it can’t be done. My mother says that if you see it in “The Handy Book” or on “Ancestry” it must be true. Please tell me, is there a
Spirit of Genealogy?

Mary Jane

Dear Mary Jane,

Your friends are wrong. You can find your family roots and the Spirit of Genealogy will help you. The Spirit lives in the memories and records of all your ancestors. On Christmas Eve, the Spirit flies through the air on a Conestoga wagon, pulled by dray horses. She visits all the libraries and courthouses. She goes to the cemeteries and newspapers and the National Archives, and she leaves clues about your family for you to find during the year. When you write your letter to her, be sure to tell her everything you’ve found and send her copies of your charts and group sheets. She will reward your efforts by putting research hints in your stocking or on Face Book.

Yes, Mary Jane, there is a Spirit of Genealogy and she will live as long as people cherish their families and want to know about those who went before us and made us who we are. Happy Hunting and Merry Christmas!

Your Librarian

[Copyright 2009 by Lyn Martin]
The above was written by Lyn Martin, Director of the Special Collections Department of Willard Library - used here with special permission. The letters are published on a large parchment paper and on special display in the case at the top of the stairs to the Genealogy & History Department.

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